UST Certification FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions about UST Requirements & our Operator Courses

We want to help you be a know-it-all when it comes to understanding the requirements for Underground Storage Tank certification. After all, it’s important to know what you need to do if your facility goes up in flames (hopefully it won’t!). Here, we answer all of your frequently asked questions (FAQ) about UST requirements and about the certification courses that we have to offer. Is there a question that you can’t find the answer to? Let us know and we’ll include here!

General Information

1. Who regulates UST systems?
The U.S. EPA develops regulations for underground storage tank systems; however, regulatory authority is delegated to individual states. Depending on the state, a UST program may have more stringent requirements than the federal regulations.

2. What are the responsibilities of a UST owner or operator for employees?

Have trained class A, class B, and class C operators.

3. What records need to be maintained about Class A, B or C operators?
Owners and operators must maintain a record identifying all currently designated operators at the facility. These records must include: the operator name, operator class, date assumed duties, and training or retraining dates. Owners and operators must also have records that verify the completion of training or retraining. Proof of training should include: trainee name, date trained, operator training class completed, name of training company or examiner, and the training company’s name, address and telephone number.

4. When do operators need retraining?
Any Class A or B operator that is found to be out of compliance is required to be retrained within 30 days of the determination of noncompliance. Retraining isn’t required if they take an annual refresher training or if the implementing agency waives the requirement for retraining.

Class C Operator Course

1. How long is the course?
The course is approximately 15 minutes.

2. Is there an option for businesses to buy the course in bulk for their employees?
Yes! There is even a great business account management tool that will let you assign promo codes, check the progress of your staff, etc.

3. What if my business doesn’t have a computer for employees to use to take the training?
Our course is mobile-friendly! With your permission, they can complete the course on-site using their smartphone.

4. How long is certification good for?
In general, there isn’t an expiration date for the certification. However, best practices encourage annual renewal to ensure that everyone is aware of the safety protocols that will help protect staff, customers, and business property.